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Master Business English: Essential Phrasal Verbs for Professional Success

Updated: Mar 4

People in a business meeting.
Using the right vocabulary in a business setting makes you stand out.


Navigate the world of business English effortlessly! In this guide, we look into crucial phrasal verbs that can transform your language skills, making you more fluent and confident in professional settings.

Phrasal Verbs

1. Call Off meaning Cancel

- Explanation: "Call off" is a less formal way of saying "cancel".

- Examples:

1. "The meeting was called off due to unforeseen circumstances."

2. "We had to call off our company event because of the rain."

2. Look Into meaning Investigate

- Explanation: "Look into" is an informal way to say "investigate" or "examine".

- Examples:

1. "Our team will look into the issue and find a solution."

2. "Could you look into the client's complaint?"

3. Kick Off meaning Start

- Explanation: "Kick off" is a dynamic way to say "start", often used in business meetings.

- Examples:

1. "Let's kick off this project with a brainstorming session."

2. "The conference kicks off at 9 AM sharp."

4. Wrap Up meaning Complete

- Explanation: "Wrap up" is a casual way to say "complete" or "finish".

- Examples:

1. "We need to wrap up this phase of the project by Friday."

2. "Let’s wrap up the meeting so everyone can get back to work."

5. Cut Down meaning Reduce

- Explanation: "Cut down" means to reduce something in size, number, or amount.

- Examples:

1. "We need to cut down our expenses to stay within budget."

2. "Our goal this quarter is to cut down the time spent on unnecessary meetings."


Mastering these phrasal verbs can significantly enhance your English communication in the business world. Integrate them into your daily conversations and watch your fluency grow!

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