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Avoiding English Mistakes for Brazilians

Welcome to our workshop, "Avoiding English Mistakes for Brazilians", designed for Brazilian Portuguese speakers. We'll cover common English mistakes in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The session includes practical segments on subject-verb agreement and parts of speech, tips to avoid false cognates, and interactive practice in breakout rooms. You'll also leave with a handout for ongoing learning.

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About the Course

Welcome! I'm Adrian, and with 10+ years of ESL teaching experience and a Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language. I specialize in helping Brazilians master English. Our interactive 90-minute course is designed to address common English mistakes, with a focus on areas like 'to' vs. 'for', false cognates, pronunciation, and more. Practice your skills in breakout rooms with peers and leave with handouts for home study. Join us for just 25 reais to boost your English. Limited spaces available. Excited to see you there!


Saturday April 6 16:00 

Sunday April 7 10:00

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